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United Reporters technology has taken information management to the next level. We offer accurate transcription services with rapid turn-around.

Dedicated to providing exact and detailed service, the United Reporters transcription team is skilled and precise, always providing accurate data and information, allowing you to offer optimal service to your clients.

We support the following Transcription Technologies:

  • E-transcript™ E-Transcript software provides standardized, secure and encrypted electronic transcripts. United Reporters can import ASCII transcript files and allow for text specific searching. You are offered the choice of receiving a finished E-Transcript file via e-mail, diskette, or CD-ROM
  • Various formats of transcript management software allows you to access, annotate and search transcripts as well as use interactive Realtime transcript feed.

Additional Services available:

  • Condensed Transcripts - Print single transcripts and/or condensed transcripts
  • Hyperlinked Word Index - Key word index may be assigned electronically to a page or line number in the transcript.
  • Automatic Citations - Text can be replicated multiple times in any document, including all pertinent back information
  • Flexible Exporting - Variety of end locations to store information and share with colleagues